Monday, September 21, 2009

a lazy weekend....

Yesterday is Hari Raya Pusa... it's Sri's holiday.... we gave her an ang-pow for this happy occasion! We went back on Saturday morning to pray to my FIL, and have a good lunch together. At night, while his Daddy was out with his frens, we ordered Pizza Hut.. Yummy! It's been so long since I had pizza.. and my favourite spicy drumlets.. miss the food again! ^o^ We brought MIL and Sri to the West Coast Mall - Sushi Tei for a wonderful lunch... these were the food that I ordered for them... both enjoyed the food so much and look so happy.. thereafter, we went shopping for while then back home.
Baby's temper getting worse and worse lately. He easily get frustrated and agitated whenever things doesn't go the way that he wants it to be. I also find him with this bad habit of pushing the blame to my mum whenever he forgets his stuffs! hmm! I warned that if i found out that he is rude and command my mum to do anything for him again, I shall confiscate all his fav toys and no more pressie for him even if he did well for his exams. One thing, I must emphasis to him is he's very fortunate that he has so many things which many kids out there do not owe them. We encourage him by rewarding those gadgets that he wish for when he did well for his studies... but, if I find him badly misbehave,. I will not allow such gifts to be given to him anymore!
Hopefully, he will learn his lessons and buck up his school work as I find him getting more and more slack this month... final year exam is approaching... yet I c him relax @ home.. watching TV... reading his comics... playing his Penguin games... or log into his Facebook... OMG! He's only 8yrs old.. Primary 2.. but I have to worry about his future like he is in secondary school... *sigh...


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