Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweetness come after Misery

My dear Brandon went haywired again tonight! Remembered the schedules that I set for him, he totally forgotten about it when I'm not around for one day. After my dinner at mum's place, she showed me his untidy writings on his Chinese worksheet. He leave a few qns blank and he anyhow strike off the wrong answers and wrote above it. It was so messy and he got the cheek to push the blame to my mum for not putting inside his school bag this afternoon when he goes to school. I cannot stand the way his attitude towards to mum, Sri and anyone who talks to him. Sometimes, including me, he will always have excuses to cover his mistakes. After my countless warnings, he never heed so he gets a beating from me. I erased the whole worksheet and asked him re-do. After a tiring day at work, I only wish for a peaceful night to rest and sleep early. But, his behaviour and attitude towards his school work badly disturbed me. I am really concerned and I do not wish he turn worse. I went thru the whole worksheet and got an exercise book for him to practise his Chinese writing. I know I shouldn't but I threatened him that if he continue with such behaviour, I will send him to Clementi and stay with his Nai-Nai. Since he take my mum for granted and always bully Angel, I need to show him that I am absolutely serious about this matter and I want him to learn his mistakes. Although he is naughty and stubborn, but he is not exactly a bad boy overall. He was very sweet cos I saw his effort for giving me a birthday surprise! He cut the colored papers and wrote 'Happy Birthday' and stick them all over the walls of kitchen. It was lovely and I am very touched by his act. espcially when he sand the birthday song to me by himself... he asked his Daddy to order a chocolate cake from awfully chocolate... Although it's not my favourite but I sincerely appreciate all that he has done for me. Brandon means alot to me! I am so happy and feel a lill guilty after the beating. *sigh* I wish he will understand the meaning of his punishment and put in the same effort to his schoolwork too! Arghhh... kids are a hell of monsters... OMG


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