Monday, October 12, 2009

Thumbs up! My Baby Shown Improvement...

Well done! After I seek some advice from Vanes, she taught me to draft a schedule for Brandon.. so that he will learn to re-organise himself in his studies and lifestyle... it takes alot of time and patience... although he will still bargain with me for longer TV time or Arts & Crafts time.. I will not give in him each time he request but at times when he really behaves himself.. more like a reward to him for doing a great job! i must learn to bring myself down to his level in order to understand how he feels.. sometimes, its easy to say than to be done.. I simply cannot control my temper when he test my patience a few time in a row for 2 hrs... I will get frustrated and shouted at him for not understanding.. I'm happy today the 1st Mon of the timetable I gave him last night, he did his best to follow accordingly... I'm really glad at least now, he will look at the clock and manage his time nicely for each activity that I have planned for him... I'm trying my best to go through his schoolwork as much as possible.. I lubb u Baby... let's learn together and work hard together k?!


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