Monday, January 25, 2010

Homework is a NITEMARE!

I just finished checking Brandon's homework and went through his tuition's worksheet. It's really not an easy task to be a student in Singapore! I have forgotten many Chinese words and now, because of my son, I have to learn together with him and help him. He is really really BAD in his Chinese subject, I made him practise the writings and reading of those words that he's not familiar with. Although, he did finished his school work on time, but I found a few careless mistakes and worse, he missed a page that he suppose to do... Humph! This morning, I'm very frustrated with his behaviour and he was so rude to his Daddy. He likes to take advantage of Chan and take him for granted too! I slapped him on his face this morning which I rarely did that especially when he is so big boy now. But he got on my nerves ear morning before his school and I must ensure he understand I mean 'SERIOUS Warning"! All along, Brandon feels that I'm more fierce than his Daddy, which I never deny that. I can be very stern and strict if I want to when he's getting out of hand. All the bad manners.. with his staring eyes, frown forehead and the unwillingly tone that he answer to our qns, I have to teach him a lesson! Tonight, he knew he's in big trouble... that's why, he behaves so well since he's back from school this afternoon. I've ban him from computer games and DS-lite for the time being, he has to buck up and start his assessments from now onwards. I will only give him the privileges he deserve when I see more improvement. Otherwise, he won't get any chance of getting what he wants!


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