Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Spoilt and Over-Pampered!

Now that Brandon has grown older and learn so much from school and his daily life from TV ads/friends, he start to ask for many many things... He will take his Mummy and Daddy for granted! All the influences he got is bad for him and I'm very concerned what he will become in future?! At times, he acts like a spoilt-brat if we rejected his shopping items! His Daddy dotes him very much! He will pamper him to Sake Sushi and buys Legos from Toys'R'us... sometimes, he will also bring him to Science Center or other shopping malls.... Take last nite, Chan brought him to Vivo City for a sumptuous dinner at a Thai Restaurant. I joined them after my diner appointment with my frens. Brandon wanted to buy a Lego set which cost S$20.90/- I told him if he wanted to buy, I will agree to pay unless he lets me deduct his daily sch allowance by S$1.00/- x 21 days. He answered me "No Problem! I will get Daddy to sponsor S$1.00/- to me everyday then..." I looked at him with my wide eyes, I just gave him 2 words - NO WAY!!! He has this mentality that whatever I take from him, he can gets it from his Daddy to fill up for him. This is a very very WRONG thinking! I'm getting more and more concerned of his such behaviour, esp. when he ask to eat @ Subway... or home delivery for Mac Donald's and Pizza Hut as and when he like... *sigh* What should I do? If I don't discipline him now, he turn bad and nasty... maybe he will also ill-treat me?? OMG!!! I don't dare to think too much... I'm not expecting Brandon to be a great guy when he's big, but the least, a humble and filial guy... thats my wishes===


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