Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sri's cooking!

Our maid has been working for us since Oct 2008 to look after my FIL. She has been a great help to us and taking care of him and the household well... after my FIL passed away last Sep, we continue her service to look aft my MIL and helping mi and my mum with our housework. Lately, I did not bring her back home due to my MIL just had her eyes operated.. so I need her around to take gd care of her. Sri has improved tremendously in her cooking... see the pic above? This is one of the Sunday's lunch that she cooked for us... every week, she will tries out different dishes and she surprise mi cos all taste yummy! *hee... Thanks to her that my MIl has a companion.. although I still thk it's a waste of money to keep her here, but aft i tk a look at her contract, she only left with another 8-9 months to go before she end her service with us. I do not know if Chan still like to continue, im worried that he may not be able to cope financially with so many commitments. Hopefully his mum will learn to be independent soon and not rely on Sri too much!

Baby is sick these few days... esp. his coughing.. cos that will cause him has difficulty in breathing.. he needs his inhaler again in order to breathe better... sigh... with flu bug spreading around... Angel is also sick! i hope both will recover soon...


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