Tuesday, May 25, 2010

E-Learning @ Home

Today is E-Learning day for my Baby, so no school for him. He has to complete his school work online thru E-Learning. Thanks to the advance technology, children are able to access their homework via Internet should there be any emergency, if they unable to attend the school. Brandon slept late last night to watch his favourite show, you can see him still snoozing away from above image.

I pity the primary students in Fengshan as I find this school too demanding for the academics. All students are being cultivate and segregate into different classes based on their results. It means, the lower your score is, the worse class you will be in. They set that kind of mentality to the poor kids that only the best of the best will be in 'A' / 'B' classes whereas for those who has average or below score, will go to 'C' / 'D' / 'E'/ 'F' classes. Indirectly, the school created the inferiority complex in those students who did not do well in their exams. At one point, some even accepted their fate and some even attribute it to their own personal fault that they cannot outwit the better ones. Its extremely traumatic if their parents add more pressure to their studies.

I also never really spare a thought for Brandon, how he's feeling or if he can cope with his school work. It also never cross my mind if I'm also one of the issue that affected Brandon in any way. I only assumed and expected he's old enough to think like an adult or behave like and adult. I shouldn't be like that and I must remind myself all the time, Brandon is only NiNe! At times, he needs our attention, our understanding when something is wrong or someone upsets him.

I am still learning how to be a good mummy... still learning how to get into my boy's own kind of world... still trying hard to bring myself to his level and understand what he really needs. Its never too late to try anything... I will continue to try harder and show him more patience.


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