Friday, May 28, 2010

Kids Gathering @ Home

Daddy's Floss Fried Rice and Cooling Cocktail! 
Brandon and the boys happily eating and playing together...
 OMG! Brandon's bedroom in choas...
Boys at play!~
Ivi's newphew- JunJun's Birthday!

Its my first time ever invited my good friends with their children over my house. Only Ivi, she will bring her nephew, JunJun, and so coincidentally that today is also his birthday. I didn't buy him a birthday cake, instead I bought 6 lovely egg-tarts to substitute... not too bad! Brandon has never play or interact with so many boys at home, its also his first time to share all his games and toys with them. Most importantly, I want him to know how fortunate he is right now.

Another reason, due to my best friend, Vanessa, who has an autistic son named Josen. He was abit hurt by somebody who has shouted at him few weeks ago and I like to make him happy again. So, I invited the kids over so that they can have fun together. In the end, the boys did not do any arts & crafts as per my previous plan, they played Lego and PSP! Josen was absolutely curious Brandon's toys. One of them is the flying saucer which scared the hell out of Ivi!

By mid-day, Brandon was unhappy when Josen misplaced his toys. I do not hold anything against Josen as I'm well prepared and I fully understand how my son feels. I did my best and explained to Brandon about Josen. My only request from him is to show Josen more gracious and patience. My son misinterpreted his lost toy - 'Frisbees' as 'Boomerang'... Josen felt accused over this issue when Vanes kept asking him where he put the 'Boomerang'. Josen was upset as he never touch it until another boy told us, actually its 'Frisbees'! Josen right away showed his Mummy where he left it and he looked at him, telling him he's still upset! We finally got the picture, all toys were found. I talked to Brandon and I want him apologise and talk to Josen in a good manner. I'm so glad when both make up and be good again. I hope Brandon will learn more about caring and sharing in future. 


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