Sunday, May 30, 2010

Receipe from Brandon!

Today was our lazing day! Me and Brandon don't wish to do anything at home except lying in my big bed... watching my Korean dramas whilst Brandon playing his PSP... what a wonderful Sunday! We simply love it and he so much wish every day is like today.. hahaha..

He was hungry this afternoon and most of our food are instant-made. I have instant noodles, porridge, mushroom soup, pratas, can food, biscuits etc. all are unhealthy food yet we like to eat them. He requested for a nice sandwich bread and he taught me how to make one. Recipe - Prepare 2 slices of bread and 1 cheesedale. Get a frying pan, heat up, put a little oil, throw 1 slice of bread first, heat for 5secs, leave the cheesedale on top of the bread, heat for another 5secs, flip it over and put another slice of bread underneath, heat for 10secs, there it goes our Cripsy Cheesy Fried Sandwich! I find it too plain, so I fried an egg and put in between. Yummy~ Brandon love it and finished the whole bread less than 10mins. ~I feel contented and happy


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