Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Captivating Moments of the Kids~

Funny poise at my Grandma's house~
Both having a good time playing Ludo!
Yum-Yum @ Secret Recipe...
MeiMei so cute...Kor-Kor so immersed with his game
~KorKor and MeiMei's Chicky-session~

Brandon and Angel had a merry time at our hometown last weekend. Unfortunately, too much of cold drinks and unhealthy food, Brandon fall sick and he's still coughing badly. I'm sure he miss his cousins from Kuala Lumpur. He had lots of fun time with them for 2 nights. He even asked me if he can return in Dec during the school holidays to meet them for a trip to the beach. I did not promise him as I have another trip for him. I want to bring to Cambodia this early Dec, to join me the community work at Phnom Penh with PropNex Cares trip. I hope he will learn and gain some experience or lessons in his life after the trip. It's important to let him witness how fortunate he is than those kids there.  


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