Friday, September 17, 2010

Fengshan's Mid Autum Festival~

I was very hungry when I reached Brandon's school. I bought this Nasi Bryani @ SGD4/- and honestly, it doesn't taste good and the food was cold. I'm very particular cos I love my food to be hot or the least, warm, for every meal. The canteen was so noisy with activities, I can't hear the announcement clearly. I doubt any student there is paying attention to it. 
Bucket - Cup Competition!
Cheeky audience sitting at the side, watching the competition. I asked him why he did not join his classmates for all the fun, he told he too shy. You believe? Faintz~ 
Unwrap Pamelo Competition~ you should see how all these small-sized kids revealing their enormous energy in tearing up the poor pamelos... gosh!
OMG! Look at all these 2 persistent,
not even after the competition has ended, they never give up!
Many mini-stalls selling unique items such like cute little accessories; 2nd hand clothes; story-books; games; toys...etc. all at very affordable reasonable price~ 
I spotted a Quoridor Game selling at SGD5/-. I asked Brandon if he like it, you should see his face! =P Yeah! Of cos he likes it. We already made a pact to play together during the weekends.
Brandon with his 2 of good friends - Si En and Chee Yang
He was excited when both came to find him and played with him.
Its' my first time seeing and having a conversation with Chee Yang's mother. She is very friendly and she told me, she is a weekend parent. Meaning, Chee Yang stays with his Grandma from Sun-Thu, and his parents only fetch him back home on Fri and Sat. No wonder, he is so independent and sensible. He is a smart and mature boy. I remember Brandon ever did something bad to him once He did not bear any grudge towards Brandon and graciously forgive his bad behaviour on that day. I'm thankful for his kind heart and happy to see Brandon having such a great friend in school.

Brandon with his form teacher - Ms. Ho
It's never an easy task being a school teacher, especially a form teacher. She has to pay extra attention to her students and help them to solve any problems whenever they come to her. From the scene I saw tonight at school, she did a great job building a good relationship with her students...most of her students were very ease with her, wanted to take pictures with her, eat with her.... share with her whatever that pops into their mind. Great job!


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