Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute boys!

Hooray! Brandon is not selected by the GEP...Pheww... 8 of his classmates also not in the list except Shane, the only boy who gets in GEP. It was amusing and satisfying when I saw Brandon's big round eyes telling me how happy when they learned they flunked their exams. I didn't know they are so united for this time round. All wish to stay in the same class, same school, play and eat together. Shane also share the same thought. He don't wish to leave his friends. Poor kid! I heard from Brandon his parents are very strict with him. Especially academic-wise~ sigh...

Frankly, all these are still innocent young boys and girls. We should let them have all the fun they entitled to and not by depriving them and force them study from all day long. I really pity those kids who have so many extra tuition beside their school remedial lessons.


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