Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Day of School in 2010

Today is Brandon's last day of school for Primary 3. Hooray! I'm very pleased with his 2nd semester performance this year. Not only he excels in all subjects, he has also shown improvement in his school's values compare to last year. He's going to 4A in 2011. He may faced lots of challenges and difficulties but I believe he will overcomes. I will be at his side to give him my moral support. He has been appointed as a InfoComm Cyber-Bully Wellness Ambassador next year. Getting all excited! ^.^ I don't intend to buy assessment books for him this time cos he never finishes them for past 3 years. I find it's a waste of money and I guess there's more homework and projects in P4.

I'm letting him has all the fun during this school holidays. I am looking forward to our upcoming Cambodia trip. It's the 1st time both of us traveling together without anyone else and it's work-related. We are going for very meaningful trip. Lets hope he will learn to appreciate all that he had in Singapore after that.


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