Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FB Scam!

This morning whilst sending Brandon to school, I wanted to share the news with him about a teenager was been hacked to death due to a 'staring' incident. I know we can't prevent and mishaps in future if things are fated to be. But I'm worried after reading the news and I hope he will be tactful when he's outside. In return, he shared his happenings in school with me. His form teacher, Ms.Ho suspected someone abuses the use of Facebook network. He/She created a FB account under the name - Valerie Chong (Brandon's classmate), act as her and proudly announced she loved a boy in class... upload an obscene picture who is the real her in this account. Brandon told me they suspected 2 persons but they must find the evidence first. If they anyhow jump into conclusion, they might accused the wrong person and not able to catch the culprit.

In mind, a 9-year old kid should be enjoying his/her school life... yes..there bound to have qualms between friends or classmates but I never expect these days, kids can resort to such scheming act behaving just like the adults. Can you imagine our children's world has turned into a complicated playground?! I can't believe it! Being a Mummy, a parent, I'm very concerned for my boy! Especially when he's learning new things every day and getting to know the real world... 


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