Thursday, February 24, 2011

He's a Cutie but Playful Boy

To be precise, my boy is 9years 7months now. As usual, he's cheeky and up to his mischief again. This pic was taken the week before whilst he's playing with my shawl at my MIL's house. He look so adorable and I can't resist not capturing his lovey moment. *smiling...

He also get on my nerves sometimes. He will make up a story to camouflage his mistake. By doing so, he learn to tell more white lies and the situation became complicated and he lost it. And we parents start to get angry. Of cos, every parent has his/her own way of discipline. I don't believe in caning but there's a need to when my boy really really go over his limit. Take this morning case, I told him I spot-checked his schoolbag last night. I was not surprised to find many rubbish folded papers, storybooks, notes and worksheets not in order and not filed... But what shocked me was a loaf of bread with fungal kept in his front compartment! He has no idea how long it has been kept there too. He lied to me about his Chinese Spelling. There's some discrepancy in his story which leave me in doubts. I will reconfirm with his teacher. I've warned him on Tuesday I will be doing a spot-check these few days. Please ensure his schoolbag is clean and tidy.

He's a big boy, I want him to be responsible for his own things. I told him earlier, chances are given to him but he never cherish. Tonight, he will receive his punishment as promised. Is he afraid? Mmm..I don't think so based from our morning conversation we had whilst walking to school. Kids after all still kids... Discipline is a MUST but must guide him the right way. Brandon is a smart and good boy. With right guidance, he will be great man when he grows up.


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