Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like Father Like Son

I happened to scroll thru some of my photo albums and found this picture really nicey! They made a handsome pair, don't they? Both seem so carefree and joyful.... I feel good whenever I see them playing and having fun together. I feel content and at ease... especially when things getting better... and we move on... I am also glad his Daddy is getting more active in this blog lately...  I believe you can tell who's the writer for each post we uploaded. I am more into traveling, school work and behaviour whereas Daddy is more involved in his son's liking..mmm..I should interest... etc. comics..movies..outings...expeditions.. ya.. all about the 'guys things' Man!

It is definitely good for Brandon to share his interest with his father and getting involved together is another effort put in... I appreciate that sweet thought... sincerely deep in my heart... Okay... its time for work...another busy-busy Thursday...'ciao~ciao'


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