Thursday, June 23, 2011

Planes viewing at Changi Beach Park

Had a quick 'get-away' breather out of the normal day at Changi Beach Park in the evening.  Daddy say to get out of the house to have some fresh air, rather than staying inside the house whole day.  He didnt tell me where we were going at first.  We cruised along Changi Coast Road and enjoyed the long stretch of views on the airport runway.  We then reached Changi Beach Park and I was so excited to see planes flying just above my head.  I have never experience being so close to a flying plane.  The engine sound was loud but bearable.  So excited and the feeling was as if I could just stretch out my hands and touch the planes above me.  Heeheehee....
Along the coastline of Changi Beach Park

Weather hot. Daddy say must drink lots of water

Trying to capture the plane (too fast) :(

Too slow :(

YES!! Just nice :)

If u think the plane in pic looks small, take a look at this video :)

Dinner at Changi Village Food Centre

Spaghetti!!! My favourate!!!

Daddy's Nasi Lemak.  He say Changi Village's Nasi Lemak is the most famous.


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