Friday, June 24, 2011

Singapore & ASEAN Schools Maths Olympiad 2011

Brandon participated in the Singapore & ASEAN Schools Maths Olympiad 2011 earlier in April. The results are out and Brandon scored a BRONZE Award. He is ranked no. 483 in ASEAN ranking. It's very complex on how the scoring and ranking are done but there are specific awards like 'Perfect Score', 'Gold Awards', 'Silver Awards', 'Bronze Awards' and 'Merit Awards'. He said that he was disappointed that he only managed to get Bronze while the rest of his team-mates got Gold and Silver awards but I told him that it was a good experience to be involved in such Inter-school, Inter-Regional competitions. The most funny part is that he eventually gotten over his disappointment, not because of my advice but because he discovered that there are lower awards, ie Merit awards. *faint*


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