Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zoo-Zoo, Here we come!

It was a glorious morning and we were going to the Zoo! Hippie~ thibits-checked; water bottles-checked; wipes & tissues-checked; most important thing 'camera'-checked; entrance tickets-all checked...Yes! We were ready to set off our Zoo Trip!

Our last visit was more than 2 years ago. Now, we are back again and hopefully to see few more new species. Brandon was really excited and he was our little tour guide for the day. Holding on to the brochure and map, he's telling us where we should head to what's awaiting us before we see the animals. *smile....

We settled our lunch at the Ah Meng's Restaurant.... food was nice but expensive. I has my Mango dessert..really nice and sweet.... Brandon has pasta and his NaiNai had Nasi Bryani to fill their stomach. All of us enjoyed and we also watched a performance by the lovely and smart seals... they were so so so cute!

Overall, it's not a matter of the place that we went to... but the bonding time that we spent together over a weekend... I love it and I'm sure my boy share the same thought as me~


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