Monday, August 11, 2008

No School Day!

Yeah... last nite i went to MaMa's hse stay overnite cos today no school.. Mummy went to attend her colleague's MIL wake.. so cannot fetch mi.. she wanted Daddy to bring mi back bt he's not free, so tonite im sleeping over again.. Haiz.. never mind, YiYi said she will be coming back for dinner tomorrow nite... i'm so hapi! Yesterday i accidentally burnt one of my finger.. so painful.. although Mummy already applied the toothpaste to soothe my pain.. but still no use! Today Angel MeiMei held my injured finger so tightly till i screamed.. i was angry so i complained to YiYi.. Mummy came to know that and asked mi to leave MeiMei alone.. don't go near her.. sometimes, i really don't like MaMa keep shouting at mi n Mummy keep question mi about so many things.. i only wanna play with her.. *sad* Mummy is not working this Saturday.. i hope she can bring mi to picnic and we can do poster coloring together.. she has not been around for so many weekends.. oh Ya! YeYe is discharged this afternoon and now resting at home.. I shall bring my card games over to play with him this Sunday.. *hee*


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